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Be Future-Oriented


Talk about it, plan for it, think about what you want and how to get it.  Many define success as two simple things: Decide what you want and then get busy paying the price to make it happen.  Optimistic people tend to have a future orientation.  They talk about what they want, their vision, and... (more)

The Power to Inspire


Inspiration creates;it creates what you vision out, what you see in the invisible future;it gives you the right and permission to live an extraordinary life, to make a difference, to hold sacred this life,to smile all the while and share that focused... (more)

“Be Interested” According to Chris Widener


"Everyone is ignorant, just in different areas."-Will Rogers.

What are master communicators like?  What are their traits?  Are they people who just talk and talk, outgoing, those rare few who are always comfortable in any group? ... (more)

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What is 1BC?

One Business Connection™ operates networking, leads and referral groups in Denver, CO and along the Front Range that are an alternative marketing chamber of commerce made up of local and national businesses, entrepreneurs and sales professionals sharing referrals, ideas and business expertise. We compare it to an aspen grove of 100's of trees, one of the largest living organisms on earth... interconnected, united, sharing a common spirit, much stronger as ONE group than individually.

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